“Marian Newell has written from her heart about her personal journey. God was with her during the trial of her son Jesse’s sickness and death. She 
brings you along with her through suffering and fear to joy and trust in Jesus 
Christ. This devotional will encourage you to face the difficulties of life with 
confidence that Jesus is our strength in the midst of our weakness.”
Sr. Pastor Good Samaritan Community Church, Kissimmee, Florida

"The Sacred Ripple takes us on a journey and allows us to experience how the life of a boy named Jesse impacted so many others.  Through tears, hope, and joy we see how God continually reveals Himself through relationships, and touches the heart of a mother whose faith endured the most difficult of trials, as she became a witness and testimony of God’s redeeming love."

Welcome To The Sacred Ripple

MARIAN NEWELL is a writer, speaker, and passionate worshiper. She treasures life with her husband Chip, their children, and their precious grandchildren. With her husband at her side they live a life of prayer, gratitude and joy; centered on building God’s Kingdom, and allowing His blessings to flow through them.

In the middle of mind-numbing grief, HOPE happened—undeniable, lasting hope! In The Sacred Ripple, Marian Newell seeks to comfort others with the comfort she has received from God.